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USS Spiegel Grove 

Take Your Diving To The Next Level! 

As a diver you constantly want to be gaining experience in different diving environments and situations. At Ranger Ricks Scuba Adventure we thrive to offer those experiences. We feel it makes for a more rounded, confident and safer diver.

The Spiegel Grove offers a lot of new experiences to take onboard, depth, current, low visibility, vessel penetration etc. We guide and advise constantly on the important issues that you should be considering when taking on a dive with more obvious dangers than a shallow reef or shore dive.

All who experience these deeper wrecks gain invaluable experience and take away a sense of pride in their diving skills as well as many coveted memories, and the memories alone are priceless !

Student’s #1 Top Rated Location:

The USS Spiegel Grove is one of the most popular locations among our dive students and Advanced Divers that join us on the trip.

“The USS Spiegel Grove is a breath taking sight. Every time I have the pleasure of diving the Spiegel there is something new that I did not see before. All of my training is used on this Advanced Dive and it makes it much more satisfying!” – Chris H, Advanced Diver.

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USS Spiegel Grove Gallery


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