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Rental Equipment Pricing Guide

Sports Diving Rentals




BC $15 Oceanic or Zeagle BD
Regulator w/SPG $15 Atomic, Oceanic, Sherwood
Regulator w/Computer $20 Atomic, Oceanic, Dive Rite
Cylinder 80cuft $10 Aluminum w/Air Fill
Cylinder 80cuft $15 Aluminum w/EAN Fill to 40%
Cylinder 95-108-120cuft $20 Aluminum w/EAN Fill to 40%
Cylinder 30-63-80cuft Call for Price Aluminum w/EAN Fill to 100%
Fins $5 Atomic, Tusa
Wet Suit $10 Pinnacle, Evo
Mask $5 Atomic, Tusa, Evo
Snorkle $5 Atomic, Tusa, Mares
Booties $5 Tusa, Evo, Mares
Reel and Flag/Float $7 Safety Sausage
Nitrox Dive Computer $15 Wrist Mount Nitrox Computer
Weights and Belt $5
Sports Gear Package $50 Includes: Mask, Fins, Bc, Regulator, Wetsuit and Weights
Dive Light $10 UK, Princeton Tec
Dive Camera w/Case $40 Olympus Digital
Camera Strobe $40 SEA & SEA Fiber Opti
Spear Gun 48″ $40 AB Biller
Spear Pole $10
Lobster Loop & Bag $20
Safety Sausage $5

Technical Diving Rentals

Item Price Description
Cylinders, Doubles (Fill is Extra) $20 Double steel 108s (216 cu. ft. @ 3442 psi) with isolator manifold
Cylinder, Single w/H (Fill is Extra) $10 Steel 100 cu. ft. @ 3442 psi with H-valve
Cylinder, Deco/Stage (Fill is Extra) $10 Aluminum 19, 40 or 80 cu. ft. w/strap
Reel and Lift Bag $10 50 lb. bag with Deco Reel
Regulator, Doubles Sets $30 Includes two 1st & 2nd stages with primary 7ft. long hose, SPG
Regulator, deco $15 Includes 2nd stage with 40″ hose and compact SPG
Canister Light $20 Dive Rite Slimline light w/4-hour burn time

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